One of our clients drivers will be leaving  in March and we’re keen to find a replacement ASAP.  They are currently seeking a suitable candidate to join the current team (three chauffeurs are employed full time).  They need someone to fit in with the other two drivers. Based Central London

  • Permanent position (salaried)
  • Part of team of 3 drivers, replacing one of the three leaving
  • Start date March 2024 (or preferably sooner)
  • Strong knowledge of London
  • Discrete
  • Flexible and accepting that last minute changes may be required to respond to the needs of the Principal and family
  • Weekend work is a non-negotiable. There is an increasing demand for weekend work given the Principal and family’s busy lives. There is a desire to have two drivers working every second weekend so we’re keen to find someone who is comfortable with weekend work and time off during the week instead. We’re also open to someone who would work every weekend, plus a few days in the week if such a suitable candidate existed
  • Other shifts are either full days or split between a morning or an afternoon/evening shift
  • Priority is driving the Principal and his son during the week – school, work, appointments and evening engagements. The rest of the day is running errands for the office and households, as required. At weekends, driving the Principal and wider family
  • Typically 5 days’ work and 2 days rest per week
  • Requirement to drive several different cars (including sports cars and left-hand drives), a Sprinter minibus and a motorcycle
  • Physically fit as some errands require lifting plus dog walking during the day if on shift
  • Good administrative skills


£55 - 60k per annum