Travelling Valet

An elderly businessman  is looking for a travelling valet to join his long serving existing team.

Destinations include London, a country estate in Berkshire (UK), Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Marbella and New York.  Travel is generally by Private Jet, and when not staying in one of his own homes, the client always stays in the worlds leading hotels (as will the valet).

The gentleman is renowned for his immaculate presentation and so assured and proven valet skills are vital..

Classis Valet responsibilities, include: organising the personal needs of the client, the client general travels with 14 suitcases (which include coffee machine, preferred washing powders, steamers etc, along with his clothes) so this role involves inventorying, packing, unpacking, managing luggage, valeting, managing table and drink service and personal laundry.  When he is staying in one of his homes, his wife’s team tends to take over, so this is when the valets can step back and/or take time off.  The valet’s home base can be anywhere, as the client will provide accommodation and/or fly staff back home for holidays and longer periods of rest.

His previous valet was with him for 30  years and is only stepping down due to ill health, the remaining valet has been with him for 17 years.  His house staff generally stay for very long periods.

The role will require very close co-operation with the other valet, so there will need to be an understanding of the importance of precedence, the existing valet is a very nice man and has been in the business for a long time. The new valet will be an assistant to the valet.  Must hold British or European passport to enable easy travel.



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